Words on Wednesday: Cuba Street stroll

It was a lovely sunny day today, one of those lovely autumn days with bright blue skies. Wednesday is my ‘day off’ now I have moved to a four day week, and today plan was to go to town for a bit of a browse and lunch.

I started of at Wellington Apothecary, a lovely shop selling herbal teas, skincare and other delights. I picked up some Immunity Tea and a little jar of calendula rose cream.

Round the corner is a lovely second hand bookshop, Pegasus, where I found a copy of Jerome K Jerome’s The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, a rare find that I was delighted to spot.

From there I walked up the street, passing this well-known sign outside the army surplus store, and up to Minerva to pick up some cards and have a browse.

For lunch, I headed to Wellington institution, Floriditas, where I met my nephew’s wife and my great nephew. You can see the outside of the cafe in the featured image at the top of the post. I opted for the crispy polenta cakes topped with some really tasty mushrooms, parmesan and two poached eggs. My companion opted for the apple pie french toast with stewed apple and feijoa, yoghurt and apple syrup. We agreed it was lovely to actually have family in the same city after such a long time.

That is all from me this Wednesday evening…..

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  1. Lovely day! I tried making polenta pancakes with Parmesan cheese… the first time they came out well & were delicious, but have never really worked again! Enjoy your time with family.

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing day. Such a treat to be able to get together with your nephew’s wife and great nephew. The food looks great, and the egg dish, especially, made my mouth water.

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  3. It must feel a bit odd at first with your new work days, What a great way to spend your day, I love the book shop, our only book shop shut down a couple of years ago, it’s about an hr & half drive to the nearest one now. I guess that’s a day out for me. lol. Have a great weekend ahead.

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  4. wow you find the neatest places, an apothecary, I would be in there buying anything Lavender, it’s my favourite herbal smell.

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