Words on Wednesday: shades of autumn

Although summer is my favourite season (if I had to have one), there is a lot to like about autumn too, despite the darker and cooler mornings and evenings. The colours we associate with the season, the return of warming cooking, thinking about digging out cosy sweaters again all seem to sum up autumn. Toady was a lovely, sunny day, and in fact not at all cold (no need for one of those cosy sweaters), but this quote I found when browsing on line seemed to sum up a typical lovely autumn day:

“It was one of those days you sometimes get latish in the autumn when the sun beams, the birds toot, and there is a bracing tang in the air that sends the blood beetling briskly through the veins.”

PG Wodehouse, Jeeves And The Old School Chum

I think the autumnal shades of this table runner goes so well with these beeswax candles I found recently. Real shades and feels of the season. I loved the way the candle melted, forming such a fun shape as you can see below. Note the blue skies and camellias through the window!

Wednesday is the day for the wee market in town, and today I picked up more persimmons, a little bit of red cabbage to make a coleslaw with at the weekend, carrots and more passion fruit. There were pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and some lovely looking cavolo nero, but as we are still finishing off the silver beet, I didn’t get any this week.

I also picked up some focaccia to have with a lentil based soup for dinner. Full of mushrooms, this is a perfect soup to enjoy on an autumn evening.

That is all from me this Wednesday evening…..

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  1. Absolutely stunning autumn trees….. is that path going through the Botanic Gardens? I love your autumn colours, the candles and the table runner and is that a knitted scarf as well? I will read that quote to Paul, he used to read a bit of PG Wodehouse.
    I’m off to make some soup too, it is freezing here in Canberra.

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  2. We are enjoying s beautifully crisp, clear autumn day in South Africa. Bright sunshine warming us up to thirty degrees C, no wind, and a host of birds in the garden. I actually stayed out there from breakfast time until now, when it is time to make lunch, totally absorbed in a short story I was writing!

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  3. I love your photos – their colors, and artistic designs! Looks so cozy making me want to cuddle my pillow and tuck myself under my plush blanket ❤

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