Six on Saturday 16.01.21

It has been a lovely sunny week here – of course, because I returned to work and the office on Monday. Outside things are looking very green, flowers are blooming and leaves are being attacked by cabbage white butterflies which seem to be plentiful this year. In my email inbox this week was a mail about ordering bulbs – can it be that time already? Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in. 

First up, the featured image and the two pictures below are of the Hymenocallis Advance which is now flowering with its stunning shape and wonderful detail. This is the first time I have grown this, and am very pleased with it. The first picture below is from Thursday, the one below was taken today.

At number two this week, more nasturtiums. I just love the pale yellow ones with the dark red paint spots. The dark red ones are a variety called Bloody Mary.

Last week’s featured image was echinacea, and there are quite a few more flowers appearing. It is another one I am so happy with this year, after thinking it had given up the ghost. It is such a gorgeous plant.

Over to the herbs…think this is a repeat of last week…the dill flowers, that look like little golden stars, the delicate flowers on the lemon balm and the happy looking basil that shows it is worth replanting those supermarket plants.

The alstroemeria are in their last days though there are still plenty of blooms. The seed heads are also pretty, and I’ll probably post pictures again like I did last year of when they open.

And to finish…that very attractive weed, the agapanthus. There are a few on the steps up to the house both blue and white, and one white one beside the house, which I really should pull up and get rid of, but can’t bring myself to do so.

So that is me for now from Wellington – a bit brief but some pictures of summer. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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  1. How funny! I featured aggies too. They’re so stalwart! Love all your offerings this week but especially the Hymenocallis Advance and the nasturtiums. As you say, summer is here!

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  2. The hymenocallis is very beautiful – not one for our Irish gardens but can be grown successfully in a pot in the glasshouse here.

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  3. None of my Alstroemerias has ever set seed, I wonder if they’re sterile varieties or whether it just isn’t warm enough. Like I need more! Love the Hymenocallis, might even have it on order? My memory’s totally gone.

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    1. The alstroemeria spread a bit like weeds here. Very pretty of course but I notice them in lots of gardens here, and not all ones that are looked after. Hope you have ordered a hymenocallis,


  4. II love the Bloody Mary nasturtium! Such a deep red colour … Concerning the Hymenocallis, another 2 months and I will replant my bulbs (overwintered indoors right now): such pretty flowers

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  5. It always makes me laugh when you call your agapanthus weeds, there are a lot of people in this country who would love such weeds. Mind you, they are a nightmare to dig out! Love your Hymenocallis, what a stunner!

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  6. Spider lily? It is a beauty. And I particularly like that pale yellow nasturtium. I am now trying to remember if I bought a pack of seeds in the autumn. I know I wanted some different colours. Aggies are so pretty, I hope mine do a bit more flowering this year, but I must remember to repot them in the spring as I stuck three in one pot when I bought them as they were very small. Lovely summery photos – just what we northerners need!

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  7. We love the nasturtiums they are such happy little pops of colour in the garden, love your beautiful flower photos. We have planted spring onions purchased from the supermarket still going strong after 3mnths & some have gone to seed. Have a wonderful day & magnificent week head.

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  8. I love dill, both in flower and in food – we had some this evening: yoghurt with garlic, dill and coriander, to go with a curry and rice. It has such a fresh and uplifting flavour. They are quick plants to bolt, aren’t they? And as usual, it’s a pleasure to see the warm colours of the nasturtiums and all your lovely summery plants.

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  9. Beautiful flowers that brighten up my winter day here. Just want to let you know that I start hosting a blog link up Weekend Coffee Share every Friday, Everyone is welcome to join any and every week. I hope you consider joining. Details on my blog. Have a great day!

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  10. Dear friend — How lovely to discover your beautiful blog! Here in Virginia, USA, winter has us firmly in its grasp, so your pictures lift me up. When you highlighted your happy basil, i glimpsed the plump cheeks of the new growth. Happy indeed. Warm wishes to you and your garden! Carol Ann

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  11. Thank you for sharing the lovely array of nasturtium flowers. I miss the spicy flavor of their flower petals. My efforts to grow from seed last year did not meet with success, but I am inspired to give it another go this spring.

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