Sunshine on Sunday: Thorndon Fair

The sun shone and the sky was blue, just right for Thorndon Fair, held on the first Sunday of December each year since 1977. The stalls, selling crafts, food and all sorts, are set up along part of Tinakori Road and part of Hill Street. This year the sun shone, the sky was blue and the crowds gathered to browse, shop, eat and generally enjoy the day.

Stall selling lots of lovely looking wool

Queing for a sausage, eating a sausage

The front entrance to Premier House, the Prime Minister’s residence when she is in Wellington, opens up and is home to a small stage, more stalls and a quiet area where you can just sit on the grass and eat an ice-cream. Note the security…..

Of course, it is approaching Christmas, so Santa Claus was out and about, feeling rather warm in his red suit. Here he is drawing the final raffle of the day.

Thorndon Fair is more about the stalls than the entertainment, but every year we have gone we have encountered this group of Morris dancers. I think this is great fun, and clearly the dancers themselves are enjoying themselves too. I have attempted to embed a video into this post, so please let me know a) if you can view it and b) the quality as it is the first time I have done this on this particular site.


Of course we made a few purchases, including this berry colander from Galit Maxwell pottery which I just love and hope to use during the summer season. I also picked up some olive oil from Noble Estate and a couple more old souvenir spoons that are fun to have and use. Karl bought a loaf of Danish style rye bread from The Baked Dane.

It really felt like summer was here….

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  1. Warm sunshine, how wonderful! But strolling around at ease and relaxed, without a mask, that is the sort of pleasure which seems unimaginable now.
    How on earth did morris dancing come to New Zealand? I think it was Sir Thomas Beecham who said: ‘ I’lll try anything once, except morris dancing and incest.’

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    1. Yes we are lucky there is no community transmission where we are at the moment, and life goes on pretty much as normal. Well, there are a lot of British people in NZ, hence Morris dancing.


  2. WOW – I love going to things like this. My mom used to label it “junking” because we used to go to Flea Markets and Thrift store and find the BEST stuff. Plus we had a ball digging through all the fun stuff for just the right treasure (FYI – I would have been stuck at your yarn spot-LOL). There is one thing I have a question/concern about – – not a single person has a mask on? Do you not have the Corona Virus by you? It’s horrid here in the US and just getting worse (boohoo).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No – we don’t have to wear masks. At the moment, the only Covid cases in NZ are in managed isolation. We had a very strong lock down in March and April – only supermarkets and pharmacies open – then slightly looser restrictions (takeaway available for example) after that. The borders are still closed to all but citizens, residents and essential workers.


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