A seat at the table: Field & Green

It is a bit of tradition that on Thursday evening after Pilates we go for something to eat. It can be as simple as pizza or as lovely as this week’s treat, dinner at perennial favourite, Field & Green. We really like it there – good food and also a nice relaxed atmosphere (and staff that recognise you and welcome you back). And 4th December – today, Friday, is St Barbara’s Day so a little early celebration for my name day!

We enjoyed Lilet for an aperitif, and I opted for the twice-baked smoked trevally soufflé with a leek and chive sauce. I had actually had this before and loved it then – and also this time around. If you are a fan of smoked fish, then this is for you. Karl had the duck liver parfait with a sorrel brioche and fig and gooseberry compote which also got rave reviews.

I then enjoyed saddle of lamb with a pistachio, golden raisin and rosemary stuffing with charred broccoli and pistachio cream. Lovely lamb, still pink in the middle, with an amazing stuffing and ‘just right’ broccoli. For his main course, Karl opted for the sage and honey glazed duck breast with brown butter roasted pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seed crumble and sour blueberry sauce. Both dishes were really excellent (and I loved the little nasturtium leaves as garnish).

It was such a pity we had no room for ice-cream, as the ice-cream at Field & Green is the best there is, but we enjoyed an espresso instead.

I know so many of you can’t go out to restaurants at the moment, so please enjoy our moments instead.

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  1. The food looks amazing! And what a great way to celebrate St. Barbara’s Day. Barbara is the name of one of my best friends ever, so I have wonderful associations with that name.

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  2. This all looks Devine thanks for letting me dine through you as I miss dining out. Culinary tip, always order dessert first, you can always take the main course, and appetizer home, and they often taste better the next day.

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