Taking Stock – life at the moment

A couple of days ago I saw over at Deb’s World this idea for a post – taking stock of life at the moment. Here are my responses to this week’s questions, doing as Deb does and give quick answers using the first thing that comes into my head.

  • Making: roast chicken
  • Cooking: lots of things from Diana Henry collections
  • Drinking: tea of different types
  • Reading: The Nancy’s by RWR McDonald
  • Wanting: a long holiday
  • Looking: for inspiration
  • Playing: with a ball
  • Wishing: for something different
  • Wasting: the stalks of vegetables
  • Waiting: for summer
  • Liking: being at home
  • Wondering: when we will be able to travel abroad again?
  • Loving: longer days
  • Hoping: for a good, hot summer
  • Marvelling: at how our cat manages to make so many friends
  • Needing: time to spend in the garden
  • Smelling: mint
  • Enjoying: spring
  • Wearing: my favourite grey sweater
  • Following: gardeners and gardening on Instagram
  • Noticing: that the windows need to be cleaned
  • Knowing: that there is a long list of things to do
  • Thinking: about a wide, sandy beach
  • Feeling: tired
  • Bookmarking: countless recipes
  • Opening: a new jar of peanut butter
  • Smiling: at the thought of the weekend

What would you answer?

You can find Thistles and Kiwis on Facebook, and also on Instagram@thistleandkiwis.  As for Twitter….am totally inactive these days.  If you want to get in touch, email me on thistlesandkiwis@gmail.com


  1. This is great to read! I always enjoy seeing how others would answer and it’s good to read back every few months. It’s fun to see how things are in the moment! I’m so glad you joined in and thanks for the link back to my post 🙂

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  2. oh mint, oh yes one of my favourite herbs. I like to put a few leaves in a cup of hot water for drinking, it’s very refreshing.

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