Ten things to do on a staycation, the early spring edition

Like many people who remained fully employed during lockdown, I have not used as much annual leave as I would normally have done. So I decided just to take a week of holiday and have a staycation with no particular plans. Here are a few ideas of things to do when you are on holiday at home – please keep in mind the time of year (so I didn’t go to the beach) and that we are at New Zealand’s Level 2 Covid-19 restrictions.

1 Take time to have a leisurely breakfast, take an afternoon nap or potter about in the garden. It is your time to do what you want!

2. Go back to places you haven’t been for a while, particularly if due to lockdown. I returned some empty peanut butter jars to Fix and Fogg on Eva Street, and picked up some fresh supplies.

Graffiti on Eva Street

3. Get things done – clear clutter, go to the chiropractor/dentist/other, tidy up papers (job still to do), tidy kitchen cupboards (done).

4. Start to learn something new. I spent quite a bit of time on Skillshare when the weather was not so good. Or why not get out something you haven’t used for a while – be it a skateboard (that is NOT me in the featured image at the top of the post!) or a pair of knitting needles. You might rediscover something you once loved, or find a new interest.

5. Have a coffee in a cafe you haven’t been to in a while, or somewhere new. I stopped at Poquito yesterday. Take a book and while away the time.

Cafe time

6. Go for a walk to a familiar place at a different time of day. The light, sounds and sights can be quite different.

7. Make interesting things for lunch or go out for lunch. This week, I’ve been eating lunch at home, not doing my usual holiday ‘thing’ and have a couple of midday meals out. This actually has been fun, making different combinations of things to have on toast. I haven’t done much interesting cooking this week, which again I might usually do, but a staycation might be the time to make bread or your own pasta or something else you have not tried.

Early morning by the waterfront

7. Go to a museum or art gallery and catch up on exhibitions you might have missed. I popped in to see the Mittens Mini Exhibition (you can read about this famous cat, now nominated for New Zealander of the year here) at the Wellington Museum. The museum itself is well worth a visit should you be in Wellington, with its focus on the history of the city. Free entry, lots to see and a nice gift shop.

8. If it is raining, binge watch a series you have been meaning to watch, or binge listen to a podcast series if you are doing all that clutter clearing. A few podcasts I have enjoyed recently: Day at the Beach from This American Life, California Life Scared Straight from 99% Invisible and catching up on old detective series over on BBC Sounds.

A mini exhibition about a local celebrity

9. If the sun is shining, potter in the garden, go for a walk in nature, enjoying the season you are in. Here there are so many signs of spring, and some amazing flowers everywhere.

10. Jump on a bus and see where it takes you. Do lots of things you don’t normally have time for, even if it is spending an hour reading. Just enjoy the peace and time away from work stresses.

Tea and a good book

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  1. Wonderful suggestions! I, too, am taking a much-needed break from work, which I do from home. Although a few treats have crept into the week, the biggest treat is not hurrying through the day to get things done. Bliss!

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  2. My plan for the coming week is to start the making of a litre of Damson Gin which should be ready for Christmas – and I know the secret of not tasting it until it is ready is to buy another litre for that purpose! Cheers!

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  3. I’ve also been thinking of taking some days off now. Mostly to actually get outside and enjoy the sun and not have to be at my desk! One of the smallest luxuries in life is definitely having a sit down coffee at a cafe.

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