Words on Wednesday: the daily walk

I am starting to write this post listening to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Ashley Bloomfield the Director General of Health give us more information about the four cases of Covid-19 outside of managed isolation. The people affected are in one household in Auckland. From midday today Auckland has moved to Level 3 alert, and the rest of New Zealand to Level 2. The news was announced at a press conference last night, and the restrictions will last until midnight on Friday – at the moment. Of course, we always knew this might happen, but still, it has dampened everyone’s spirits. So I am working at home again this week, which to be frank, I prefer to the office.

Of course, this also means I resumed by ‘Covid walk’ in the Botanic Gardens. It is strange as autumn was in full swing then, and now we are in spring. Where has the year gone? Anyway, I stopped as usual to look at the ducks, most of whom were sleeping, heads tucked into their wings. As usual, there were a couple of really noisy ones, quacking and demanding attention.

The magnolias are starting to flower, and of course there are lots of camellias too. There are some stunning rhododendron too such as this bright red one.

I also love these oriental paperbush flowers. There are a few of them dotted about the gardens, and love their delicate shape.

Each year I love seeing this tree come into flowers. More bright red blooms to brighten up our lives at this time.

Hoping you are all well out there where ever you are in the globe. Kia kaha.

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  1. Yes I did hope too that we would escape, even though we have been warned a
    Covid19 resurgence is inevitable. Very disheartening. Still, all we can do is soldier on. i do enjoy your photos of the gardens.


  2. Sorry to hear you are having a Covid-19 resurgence. But it sounds as though your PM has a plan and Spring is here for you. We are planless and without leadership. And hearing falls first whisperings….

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  3. Very sorry that there was a Covid-19 flare-up. Unfortunately, that’s to be expected. But as pruneplantesow noted, it does sound as though your PM has a plan. In the U.S., it is utter chaos and incompetence, made worse by the fact that it’s an election year. Sad and scary to live in the U.S. right now. Best to your beautiful country!

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    1. Yes it was to be expected. More cases this morning it seems. It is election year here – next month in fact. There is talk of a delay, but parliament will need to decide that in the days to come. Let’s all stay kind and strong!


  4. It was such a pity that you had these recent cases of Covid 19 as you had been doing so well. We have had an alarming surge here in Ireland – 176 cases in one day late last week, a spike associated with workers in a meat-processing factory. It is quite worrying!

    We will continue our life in relative isolation; we do not go to the shops nor to any place where people gather, nothing indoors unless absolutely necessary.

    Best wishes to you and I hope you keep well and healthy!

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    1. I think this meat processing link is ‘interesting’ – same thing happened in Germany, and one of the new cases here works in a cold store. Well, I can work from home and spring is on its way!

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  5. It’s now up to 17 sadly. oh if that one family had stayed home when they knew they were unwell none of this would’ve happened. Boggles my mind the way people behave. Today I had some plants delivered that were the wrong order but I’m allowed to keep them and will be potting them up today, just being out in my garden lifts my spirits.


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