Six on Saturday 16.05.20

After a mostly sunny week, with lots of bright blue skies, today is overcast and grey. I did get in a few nice walks, including the Lady Norwood Rose Garden, where there are still a good number of roses to admire (see yesterday’s post). Nothing new to report this week, though now we are at Level 2, all the garden centres are now open so there is no excuse not to get along this weekend. Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, progress since last week on the tecomanthe speciosa or Three King’s Climber. There are two groups of flowers low enough down for me to get pictures as you can see below. Hopefully next week I will be able to show you them in full bloom.

Flower 1
Flower 2

Another update – the salvia – is looking absolutely gorgeous. The colour is stunning, such a gorgeous deep blue.

Salvia blue black

Camellia buds are everywhere – in front of the house, at the back of the house, by the steps beside the house. Some more flowers have bloomed on the bush we share with our neighbour, as you can see from the featured image above.

Last week I mentioned the little wild strawberry I ate while out in the garden. This week, there are lots more flowers, and a few tiny berries that have yet to ripen. This plant has been wonderful in the months that I have had it, and brings me such joy just to look at it. The cornflowers have also been such a success this year, with lots of flowers still to be seen.

Next up, there are also berries everywhere. I tried in vain to get a good picture of a couple of stunning bushes around the house, but a combination of today’s light (or lack of it) and my inability to climb up a slope, means you will just have to do with this picture from a small cluster at the front of the house.

Berries of autumn

And finally, the magnolia, turning to its autumn colours but you can see buds already if you look carefully. This is another plant I watch each week to see where it is in its cycle.

Magnolia in autumn

That is all from me this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Take care out there! Kia kaha.

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  1. I had a cream magnolia in my old house back in England. Lovely shrub. And I used to prune it too. I don’t think your supposed too but mine thrived. I need to plant here in my French garden…so much choice as weather here so good. Maybe a magnolia will find it’s way here.


  2. The salvia is lovely, I think I have lost one of mine over the winter, can’t see any sign of it appearing, but who knows! The bed is quite crowded with narcissi leaves so maybe there is something happening underneath it all!


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