Words on Wednesday

Well, we in New Zealand are getting ready for a lockdown, which will come into force from midnight tonight. The country is now in an official state of emergency. Let us hope this works.

I’m working at home, and have set myself up upstairs with computer and work phone. My team and I are having regular meetings online which really helps to make things more social as well as it being good to talk over things with other people. Karl is set up downstairs, and at times when we are both on conference calls it sounds like a busy office. The kettle sits beside me so I can make constant cups of tea, a necessity I feel at this time.

Working at home

I am sitting by my plants and have spent the past few days looking at this chilli ripening. It is a lovely touch of life too in these dark days. Keeping on the positive, my wonderful Thursday Pilates teacher is making mat class videos to keep us toned during the lockdown. I did my first one this evening and felt good afterwards. Thank goodness for technology!

A ripening chilli

We had some bread delivered today, and to with it I made a pot of split pea soup, real comfort eating for troubled times. I’m carefully planning meals to use up what we have before purchasing more. We have been promised that supermarkets will remain open, and certainly today there were less crowds of people stocking up than there has been the last few days. I think it is natural to panic at times like this, but we also need to breathe deeply and think of others who might not have the means and capability as we do.

Peas for soup

And through all of this, Charlie sleeps or runs about, oblivious to all, though I suspect he knows something as all three of us humans are at home, all the time.

A sleepy boy

So…stay safe, wash your hands and keep your distance. Stay in your home bubble. Be kind. Kia kaha.

Read this for good advice from microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles.

If you are feeling stressed, listen to this podcast from The Happiness Lab on coaching yourself through a crisis (scroll down to Coronavirus Bonus to find it).

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  1. Wise words! Thank goodness for technology, indeed. Just think how isolated we would be without our computers and the Internet. Then, there is the ability for so many to work from home, the way you and your husband are. I, too, am conscious of every single bit of food that we have and what we use. A lesson, to be sure, but I would rather have learned it some other way. Stay safe, be well.


    1. We even had our work book club today. It was great, especially as there is one young woman locked down on her own with her cat. Our Prime Minister even went on Facebook chat yesterday evening to answer questions. Brave, but also such a good thing to do. All the very best to you and yours at this time.


  2. Thank you for sharing from your part of the world! I live in Colorado – U.S.A. – and we have been in self-quartine for about a week. Most places are closed or limited staff. The major things are open – grocery stores, medical places and even our post office was still running (at least it was on Saturday when I went there). we are just off a major interstate and I can tell the reduction in traffic (no state-to-state restrictions yet) but an increase in Semi trucks – good thing as they carry most of our goods. The train also runs through our little hamlet but seldom stops in our city except to exchange cars or switch tracks. Have not seen any passenger trains come through in over a month now. We are feeling all well and happy here. We have a small farm so there is always something to do. Stay safe! Stay well!!


    1. It was so quiet today..hardly any traffic. Like you, supermarkets, pharmacies and essential services are running. Nothing else. It is all a bit surreal. I am going for early morning walks when there are very few people around, and we all smile at each other. Let us hope the good humour remains for the 4 weeks the government is calling for a lockdown. I guess we will get used to it. Stay well and all the very best from far away.


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