Six on Saturday 01.02.20

February is here, the summer (though it has not been a good one at all) continues. The first day of the month, being a Saturday, has meant time to potter a bit outside and think about what to share on Six on Saturday. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, the weather, which has been a bit mixed. There has been sun, a lot of cloud, a little rain and a bit of a storm, which caused dead branches to fall off one of the big ferns beside the house. See below! It has also been really humid, causing Wellingtonians to complain our weather is becoming more like Auckland.

Fern branches

But to the living and growing…and first up, the wild strawberries are still doing well, with more fruit appearing by the day. They are a bit sharp, but perfectly edible.

One of the wild strawberries

The bee balm bergamot has produced some more gorgeous, feathery lilac flowers, which are attracting bees as you can see below if you look carefully. They are so beautiful, and are a lovely addition to the pots of plants outside the house.

Bee on the bee balm bergamot

At least one of the yellow pygmy sunflowers is about to flower. I should have a beautiful bloom in the next few days. They grow to about 40cm tall, so ideal for small spaces where you still want to have these happy looking flowers.


Over to the herbs, and the 5 year old raggedy oregano is flowering again. This autumn, I am really going to have to cut it back as it is really out of control. I cut off a few flower sprigs and have put them in a wee posy vase. Both tarragon plants are still doing well, the basil from seed is still growing at least and hopefully will keep on doing so. The cinnamon basil indoors is also doing well and needs to be re-potted. All the thyme is looking fine, though marjoram is looking a little sad at the moment.

I have chillies! Three in fact. These are an ornamental blend of coloured Cayenne chillies, and should grow to about 7.5cm long. They are supposed to mature to either red, yellow, purple or orange and the information on the website where I bought them says they are very pungent. In any case, I am so delighted that I actually have chillies, as I know you will all appreciate.

And that is all from Wellington for this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. 

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  1. Wild strawberries, what a treat. I rather like the sharpness though haven’t had in years. My sunflowers have been failures each year but got some more to try this year. I think they’ve dried out each time. More watering needed. Look forward to seeing yours while it’s grey and cloudy here.


    1. I would say re the sunflowers that of the seeds I planted, only 2 plants are showing signs of flowering so far at least. Look forward to seeing your garden today/tomorrow.


  2. SO envious of your chillies ! Mine have started … but only the germination. I grow Padron and bird chillies (coming from Thailand where my sister brought me seeds back). Enjoy your summer over there !


  3. The monarda is beautiful, such a wonderful colour. Do you ever suffer from mildew? The chilli is great, love how they carry the remains of the flower with them, they’ve grown to big for it but are in denial! Such a lovely sunny six. 🙂


  4. I can’t wait for my herbs to start regrowing. I love them all even if I don’t actually use them in cooking. I am especially interested to see if the bee balm returns.


      1. They are usually immune to the S&S too and many have lovely flowers that the bees love. Not to mention scent! Nothing like rubbing the leaves of lemon verbena.


  5. Your herbs are always a treat to see. Glad they’re doing so well. Since the chillis are ornamental, does that mean the fruit is unedible? As to the various colours, do they go through a colour change like other chillis do or does each plant have a particular colour? Love their little dead flowers tutus.


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