Six on Saturday 18.01.20

It is the Wellington Anniversary Weekend here, and so a long weekend and Monday holiday. I’ve only been back to work a week, but already feel in need of a day off! It is a bit hazy outside, but not cold, and the plants are (mostly) all growing well. Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, most things are really thriving, though I am having to make sure to water regularly, some things like the pineapple sage, need quite a bit to keep them looking sprightly. Below you can see the chocolate mint, that this year is doing really well. The leaves do smell exactly like chocolate mint too.

Chocolate mint

Also doing well is the basil which despite it just being bought from the supermarket, is doing really well. Both tarragon plants, which started from nothing, seem to be growing and will need new pots soon. The Thai basil though is not looking good, and I need to decide what to do with it. It just looks sad, and nothing I have done has cheered it up yet.

Basil and tarragon

At number three, a few more wild strawberries have made their appearance, including this one below. Will try and grab them before the birds this time!

Wild strawberry

Next up, the hostas are flowering, and have been for a wee while. It was hard to get a decent picture of them but you get the general idea. They provide a splash of purple against the yellow-gold of the alstroemerias, which are still going strong.

Flowering hostas

Agapanthus are still everywhere. Beside the house, on the steps to the house, in everybody’s gardens, beside the road…find a spot where there isn’t one. These two below come from the approach to our house.

Blue agapanthus
White agapanthus

Finally, I just had to share another picture of some of the nasturtiums. No apology!

A riot of colour

And that is all from Wellington for this week, where the weather has been very mixed (in fact summer seems to have passed us by, with far too many cloudy skies), but where all in the garden is blooming. The picture at the top of the post is of one of the miniature sunflowers, growing slowly.

As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. 

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  1. I envy your agapanthus as I never have much success with them. I remove the flowering shoots of my hostas as I grow them for their foliage and want the energy to go on making big leaves. Enjoy your weekend

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  2. I grow the same chocolate mint and smelling or eating a leaf always makes me think of After Eight chocolate.
    About your other items, I’m in love with your two agapanthus : Stunning!

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  3. Lovely herbs. I’m envious of your Hosta. I tried some for the first time last year, and lost them. I’m tempted to try growing them again, this time in a pot. They might stand a better chance at surviving.

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  4. I envy your hostas too! Mine never stays pristine for very long. I wonder if my chocolate mint will come back this year? Last year it suffered from rust so was very poorly looking. I might have to buy some afresh and maybe try ginger mint. Agapanthus are very popular down here in Cornwall too!

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    1. The hostas just seem to grow without any interference. There are a lot in the Botanic Gardens too, so they must just like local conditions. My chocolate mint last year did not do well at all, but we also had a much hotter summer so maybe that was a factor? Oh ginger mint sounds lovely! Must look out for it here.


  5. Give your Thai basil some time. We planted it in the same general area as our normal basil to see the differences as they grew. I also wanted to compare the taste and texture as they both grew. The Thai never got as full as our regular but it did have a very unique flavor. Keep doing what you normally do with your herbs and just give it more time. 🙂


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