Six on Saturday 14.12 19

Here we are – Saturday again. As the focus of this post is on what is happening in our gardens, I am not going to talk about anything else that has happened this week. I’ll save that for Monday. All I will say about the week is we have had lovely, sunny weather, and have been listening to cicadas, both of which tell us it is summer. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, I have had to keep an eye on my pots of herbs as some don’t like direct sunshine and some do, so there has been a daily shuffle around of a few things. Loving the sun is the new oregano and so far the tarragon, though I do need to watch the latter a bit. Things are otherwise looking fine, but I need to keep the watering can handy.

Oregano and tarragon

There are still some lovely nasurtiums such as the two below. I wish I could remember the packet of seeds I used, as they are a lovely mix of colours.

Next up, the Peruvian lilies are still looking quite wonderful. Below is a different view of them, taken looking down on the mini jungle that surrounds our house.

Peruvian lilies taking over the steps

At number four, it is agapanthus season! Below you can see ones on the steps to the house and some at the back of the house. This latter group was not there last year I am positive, so have just blown there from the surrounding area. These all look like white ones.

And so to that annoying area at the back of the house, where things just grow and get left to themselves. I have mentioned before about putting some pots of things here, but I don’t find the space welcoming for some reason. Anyway, I must do something about the weeds between the cracks in the paving during my summer holiday regardless, and maybe consider even a pot of good old nasturtiums or something else easy growing like marigolds perhaps.

That space again

And finally…Charlie who loves the sunshine but sometimes finds it just a bit too hot. Here he is taking a bit of shade from the giant fern.

Charlie in the sun

As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world.

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  1. Looking good. The agapanthus will look great when they flower properly. I only started a patch this year so only got one flower but hopefully more next year. My mum wanted agapanthus for Christmas so she’s had several empty looking pots.


  2. I can almost feel the heat from these photos! Oh, so nice when once again we are being ravaged by storms. The Alstroemerias look so lovely. I really do need to get a couple next year.


  3. I see you have some renga renga lilies too. I loved seeing them in street plantings during the week.


  4. Everything is looking so good. I admired the renga rengas but didn’t know what they were, so am glad Jane IDed them for me. Very lovely. The buds on the aggies are just so ready to burst! And those Peruvian lilies are so much joy. Hopefully your nasturtium will reseed like crazy so you have a similar combo next time around.


  5. So lovely to see some colour, our winter so far has been dank dreary and wet.
    I too love nasturtiums even though I failed first time round as a child in Africa and Dad saying whatever did you do to them anyone can grow those, it just made me all the more determined!!
    Merry Christmas


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