This week’s small pleasures #163

Here we are again with a round up of a few small pleasures. We had gorgeous weather all weekend, with sunshine and blue skies to brighten up our lives (see the featured image above taken on Saturday afternoon from Thorndon looking over to the statue of Richard Seddon (Prime Minister 1893-1906) by Bolton Street Cemetery). Anyway, what were the other small pleasures of the week?

First up, food! From this gorgeous bowl of avocados at Squirrel cafe, made into delicious avocado toast (see below), to some nice Thai food on Thursday with perfectly crispy tofu, to salmon cooked with spices and served with a carrot raita from Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat. Greens this week include yellow chard, kale and silverbeet. There was potato salad on Sunday, lots of this season’s strawberries and asparagus too.


The tulips have now been lifted in the Botanic Gardens, but there are lots of things to look at and enjoy as you can see below. The picture was taken as I was walking down to Thorndon to go to the Historic Thorndon Houses Open Day event – more of that on Wednesday – it was the perfect day for it.

In the Botanic Gardens, Saturday

On Thursday I picked up this gorgeous, summary table runner by Bonnie and Niel from Small Acorns. I love the splodges of colour and look forward to having the opportunity to use it soon.

A new table runner

The weather was still good today, and this was what things looked like at lunch time today. I confess to having picked up a couple of things for Christmas…

Monday lunch time

Finally, it will soon be Charlie’s 12th birthday soon. Here he is dreaming of a new collar…or maybe chasing other cats…

What were your small pleasures this week?

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. The food looks absolutely scrumptious! One small pleasure that Nate and I picked up this weekend was a pumpkin-scented soy candle. It is perfect for the season. Cheers!


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