This week’s small pleasures #160

Coming to you on a Sunday (I’m travelling for work again), this week’s small pleasures is very much about the weekend. If you follow the blog, you’ll see that I took Monday off work, and also blogged each day, so today’s post is really about good things at the weekend.

First up, food…from avocado toast (again!) on Saturday morning, a big salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, and sorrel and roasted mini asparagus spears with dinner that evening.

On Saturday evening, we went out to see the Irish comedian Dylan Moran, who was on top form on this visit. We were lucky to pick up a taxi straight away, driven by our regular driver! It is quite funny as we have been driven home by the same man several times now, so we don’t even need to tell him our address.

The weather on Sunday turned out to be sunny, a small pleasure in itself, and we headed down to the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden in Thorndon. The house, where the author was born, has just reopened after several months of repairs and restoration. I am ashamed to say that we have never been before, and as this Sunday saw the annual plant sale and entry to the house by koha (donation), there was a good incentive to go. I’ll post more about the visit on Wednesday, as it is worth a post on its own. Of course, I had to buy a plant, and picked up this wild strawberry. Goodness knows where it is going to go, but it is years since I ate one, so fingers crossed I get some fruit.

Sunday was also a a glorious, sunny spring day, warm enough to sit outside and read. And what could be a better small pleasure than that?

Sunday afternoon

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. Hope your alpine strawberry takes. I was given one over 15 years ago.
    it was spread and is a carpet under my Magnolia tree.
    They are a wonderful ground cover and the fruit is slightly perfumed and they fruit for months and months – I love to nibble them when I go past.


  2. Poziomka is the Polish for alpine strawberry.
    Here in England there are quite a few Polish food shops with that name with a picture of the fruits on the sign.
    I have seen them in Poland too.

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  3. How beautiful it is in your part of the world! Looking forward to reading more about the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden. I’ve never read her. Another one to add to the tottering pile. Good luck with that strawberry.


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