Enjoying idling

Monday…a day of no plans. Being owed some time off, I decided to have a day to myself, not particularly doing anything, but charging my batteries for what is going to be a very busy few weeks ahead at work. After breakfast, I took a second cup of tea back to bed, to catch up on emails and read for a bit – a perfect start to a day off.

Tea, computer and book in bed

I headed off to town later in the morning, stopping first at Arty Bees, the large second hand bookshop. On the look out for a few specific things, none of which I found, I nevertheless came away with several detective novels and a copy of Elizabeth David’s French Country Cooking. It is such a great shop with knowledgable staff, who don’t think it strange you go in with a photo of a series of books you have so you know you don’t buy one you already have.

From there I headed to College Street for a browse around the shops and stop for a sandwich at Ekor Book Shop and Cafe. I hadn’t been there for ages since I changed my Saturday morning routine, so it was nice to be able to pop in again.

Being so close to Moore Wilson’s, and needing bread, I took the opportunity to have a look at their cook book section and picked up another book about Swedish cooking, because I just need another one….and pick up some more asparagus while I was at it.

Book shopping…
…and asparagus shopping

I spent a lovely lazy afternoon…reading, dozing, listening to podcasts, putting a few herbs in a posy vase, checking on my plants…all before dinner. And there you have it…how to be constructively idle.

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  1. What an awesome day – good idea to take a photo of books you have 😁 I tidied my book shelves today and discovered 2 copies of ”Food jamming with Jade” and 2 copies of ”Birds if the Western Cape and where to find them.” I Either bought them twice or they were given to me by 2 different people! I need to give the extras away!


  2. It sounds like an absolutely perfect day. Both restful and filled with pleasant, low-keyed activities. I’ve never read Nancy Mitford. Time to put her on the tottering TBR pile.


      1. Just ordered the book you are reading. I’ll tell with all that’s going on politically, what I need is comfort reading. Have been whipping through Elizabeth Cadell’s books. Have you ever read any?


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