Sunshine on Sunday

After yesterday’s torrential rain and grey skies, today is sunny and bright, and there was time to get outside and start planting out some seeds and do a bit of tidying up outside which I didn’t manage on Saturday.

Rather different weather….

I was joined by our neighbours’ cat (also known as Fat Cat), who was very eager to join what I was doing. He even sat on my knee at one point and sniffed the pockets of my body-warmer looking for treats. However, it was the seed planting he was most interested in. Watching me put the potting compost into the containers, sniffing the seed packets, sitting on the seed packets, though not getting his paws dirty by actually helping. Luckily, Charlie was sleeping during this episode, but when he did wake up, he wasn’t exactly pleased to see the visitor as you can imagine. And when Fat Cat came into the house and tried to hide…well, you can imagine what happened next….both cats were seen running very fast up the stairs from our house.

Anyway, I got a few things planted, including some tomato seeds. I have no idea where I will put any tomato plants that germinate, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, let’s watch and hope the seeds all germinate.

Tomato seeds

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  1. What a wonderful morning . . . . we seem to be copying you weatherwise, fortunately however my cat was not visited by the neighbours!


  2. I can imagine Charlie wasn’t impressed. I am surprised that Fat Cat even wants to come into the house. Nice to have a sunny day and to work outside.


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