Six on Saturday 27.07.19

After a week away, as we were in Auckland last weekend, there are a few new things to show and some old favourites out there in front of and around the house. The weather has remained mild for the time of year, and looking at the 10 day forecast it looks to be about 14C or so during the day and 7C at night. Enough of the weather! Anyway, here are my Six on Saturday and thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, hellebores! Not just in the Botanic Gardens right now, but also in our back yard. They are such pretty flowers adding a dash of colour to the area next to the house.

A thing of beauty

At number two, the early planted daffodils are looking gorgeous right now. There are two bowls in flower, and a couple more to come. There are quite few blooming in the Botanic Gardens too, and it won’t be long until there are hosts of them.

Jet fire

Other things need a good chop and tidy, such as the lemon thyme. The tarragon is looking sad, but the chocolate mint, which I though had more or less gone, is showing signs of new growth. I have been growing the seed catalogue and thinking about what to try this spring, as there is space for some new things to try.

At number four, I have a decent crop of micro greens now in the propagator, so will be adding these to salads during the coming days and weeks.


There are of course still a lot of camellias about as you can see below and in the featured image featured above. There are lots of buds on this particular bush, so hopefully we will have gorgeous pink flowers for some time to come.

Finally, the second pot of muscari are now appearing, as the first pot slowly fades away. I’m not sure if I got all the timings quite right, but seem to have managed a decent spread of flowers this season. Ideas of what to fill these bowls with for spring/summer welcome.


So that’s it from me. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world.

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