This week’s small pleasures #146

Would you believe this is blog post number 1000? It is fortunate it is a small pleasures post, as they are always fun to do and think about. There are always things or events that bring pleasure to our daily lives, and we should mark them somehow to keep those thoughts there on bad days.

Anyway, I know I am forever repeating myself about Saturday mornings, but I really do look forward to a cup of tea in a favourite cafe, popping in to buy a few things from Commonsense Organics, and going to Pilates. This is my current routine, and I love it. Getting to Squirrel cafe early, deciding on which toast to have, chatting to the friendly folk behind the counter, reading my book. It is also fun to watch the comings and goings, like the delivery person with a wooden box full of what looked like kombucha, coming in with new bottles and taking away the empties.

Toast, ricotta, radish and micro greens….and bursting with flavour

This Saturday afternoon was spent at the Winetopia wine tasting event, where the focus is on wines of New Zealand. We tasted a good mix of things, including some good pinot noirs from Otago. We grabbed something to eat at the Salash Delicatessen stand, bought some wine from Theory and Practice, and generally enjoyed wandering around the event.

Wine and food

Next up, one of the things in my shopping bag were these pink oyster mushrooms. A bit pricey maybe, but when mushrooms are a central ingredient to a pasta sauce, it is worth it. Plus they look so beautiful, almost too good to eat.

Beautiful mushrooms

We had some interesting weather this weekend…..gorgeous weather on Saturday, just like spring (see Wednesday’s forthcoming post). On Sunday morning Charlie was a bit unsettled, and I couldn’t figure out if we were going to have an earthquake or a storm.  Luckily it was the latter, with very heavy rain (27.2mm between 8am and 10am at the weather station by the top of the Botanic Gardens) thunder (one rumble lasted 25 seconds) and lightning.  Not sure this was really a small pleasure, but certainly interesting.

Sunday morning

Although the weather did clear up, it was still a day to pick up a book, make tea, light some candles and attempt to finish the jigsaw after not looking at it for a week (I swear Charlie has hidden some of the pieces…).

Sunday afternoon (and reading a book set in the summer)

And that’s it for this week. What were your small pleasures?

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. I never get tired of reading about toast and tea of seeing the accompanying picture. Post away. And how true that simple pleasures will help us get through days that are not so good.


  2. Charlie sounds like such a good dog who can predict the weather! We need him to teach SeaTac that trick. Also, I’m absolutely intrigued by those pink oyster mushrooms. I’d love to see the resulting pasta sauce!


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