Six on Saturday

In contrast to last week’s lovely winter sunshine, this Saturday is rather grey and overcast. We have had a lot of rain this week (you should have seen the downpour on Wednesday), as well as sunshine at the start of the week, wind (today) and the first proper bite of cold weather. In fact it has been a real mix! I headed out to take some pictures this afternoon and check on things (I must trim the lemon balm) and then the rain came down. Ah well. But still…here are my Six on Saturday and thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, daffodil progress. These are some of mine, the picture below was taken in the Botanic Gardens on Monday, where some of the miniature ones are already in full bloom.

And in the Botanic Gardens

Next up…more pictures of camellias. We have had a wonderful display this year, and, of course we can also enjoy those of our neighbours.

The pink
The white

I am not sure if you can see the buds on the magnolia at the back of the house. I’ll either need my husband to take pictures when the flowers come out (he is a good bit taller than me) or carry out something to stand on!

Magnolia buds

I had a tidy up of gardening stuff during the week, and found two half bags of potting compost, three pairs of gardening gloves, a proper window propagating tray and other miscellaneous items such as a couple of packets of seeds well past their use by date (3 years in fact…). All I can say is, it is just as well I had a tidy up.

At number 5, we have another picture of berries, which on this gloomy day, looked even brighter.

More berries

And finally, since I can’t get out to do anything this afternoon, here is another picture from the Botanic Gardens on Monday, when the sun was shining. This is such an amazing looking plant right now. And no I don’t know what it is of course (I Googled the picture and the answer came back…wait for it…tree…).

So that’s it from me. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world.

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  1. I agree w/Joshua that the mystery does look like a fatsia – they have the weirdest looking flowers. They’re common in council planting schemes here & get huge, but I have a spider one in a pot & it’s only about a metre tall, so they adjust to their setting. So great to see daffs when here, it’s too hot for me to venture out. That white camellia is exceptional – yours or the neighbour’s? And the berries, so red! The cluster looks familiar but I don’t recognise the leaves. Do you know what shrub it is?


    1. I had another look and yes it does look like fatsia. The white camellia is luckily ours, Our immediate neighbour has some small red ones, which are lovely too. The berry shrub is on the slope sort of under the house (we are on a hill), and I took the photo through our fence, crouching down (if that makes sense!). I will ask my local plant specialist at work. It looks a bit like a non spiny holly, but I find here things are not what you think they are!


  2. What fun to read this blog. I am very familiar with daffodils but fatsia? Not so much! Never seen or heard of it. It certainly has a distinctive look.


  3. Daffodils! I have been making my bulb shopping list. I will sit down and order them soon, trying to ignore the creaking of my wallet as I do so.


  4. Your daffs aren’t far behind those of the Botanic Gardens. Looking forward to seeing them in full bloom.


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