Idling has always been my strong point

I have rediscovered the positive benefits of idling, of doing little, of spending time not doing much. There is no need to rush, lunch can last 2 hours if you like, an afternoon nap is a necessity. Some clutter has been cleared (always cathartic), but really, these past two days have been spent in gentle idleness.

The ‘staycation’ (ghastly word) or holiday at home can be is a much needed thing for all of us. It can be used to catch up on chores, read, cook, watch YouTube videos on vegan food…or just enjoy life. Buy some flowers (such as those below), plant some seeds, listen to podcasts on new subjects, maybe turn to Skillshare and start learning something new.

Flowers for July

Start a jigsaw. Read a book. Pickle some vegetables. Tidy a cupboard that you haven’t looked in for a while. Go to the cinema.

Starting a jigsaw

Take time over lunch, either enjoying some good cheese, warm toast and home made pickled pears, or going out to eat at a place you have always wanted to go to (Monday) or back to an old favourite (Wednesday).

Toast, Tomme de Chèvre, pickled pears

Take time to go to an exhibition at a museum or gallery that you’ve been meaning to go to…but just never made it…until now. Spend time looking at sculpture like the Eva Rothschild: Kosmos exhibition at the City Gallery. Stop and look at Semiconductor’s video installation Earthworks, a computer generated animation based on seismic data, including some from the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake.

Sculpture by Eva Rothschild

Cook something different using Jerusalem artichokes and pasta, adapting ideas to use the spinach and mushrooms in the fridge. Wonder how you are going to find the time to do all the other things on your list. And worry not.

Title of post thanks to Jerome K Jerome.

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