Six on Saturday 15.06.19

After a wonderful and restful week in New Caledonia, it was back to work on Tuesday, and off to Hamilton Thursday and Friday. I was hoping to get out to do some tidying up outside, but it is pouring with rain, so there is no chance for any of that today. The forecast is for a dry day tomorrow, so maybe then I can get out and see what is going on. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

I thought I would start today with some flowers from New Caledonia, starting with what I believe is a white burst flower, fallen off the tree (source of name here), followed by a glorious amaryllis and what I think is bougainvillea.

A stunning bloom

Anyway…back to winter here in Wellington. I did sneak out for a couple of pictures before the rain got too heavy. You can see the camellia trees in bloom, and also how green everything still is.

A wet winter day

Third up, I just managed to get pictures of these gorgeous camellias at the back of the house.

Flower in the rain

Indoors, the cyclamen are doing fine, the basil is surviving, and my multiple spider plants are, as ever, growing.


Since I have to stay indoors, I might as well find a podcast to listen to while I get on with the ironing (oh joy!). I thought I might try Bloom & Grow Radio, about urban gardening and indoor plants. If anyone knows any good gardening podcasts, then please pass on your ideas.

And finally, I found I still have a few packets of microgreen seeds, so I might as well plant them out for some extra winter greenery in our salads.


So that’s it from me. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in warmer and brighter places!

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  1. Your garden looks far better than mine on a wet winter’s day… or a wet summer’s day at the moment! That first bloom is rather impressive.

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  2. Not being very original in my opnion here, but that burst flower is superb. And o, to live in a climate where bougainvillea can grow outdoors! I’ve never seen an amaryllis that looked like that one. Love the raggedy petals. Do you know what type it is?

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  3. I’ll echo the comments for the white burst flower. What a stunner! Also, your cyclamens look great. From now until fall, I’ll be posting weekly pictures of my garden so that you can get a sense of a garden in the woods in Maine in the summer. Loving seeing the shots of the landscape where you live.

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  4. What a lovely lush grouping of greenery there is in your first Wellington photo. Your garden looks quite steep which I know wouldn’t be at all unusual for Wellington!


  5. You’ve still got lots of colour in your garden, still a bit going on here but getting out this morning and weeding was good, it’s left alot of clear soil that can aerate in the sunshine.


  6. I think you will find that the Amaryllis is in fact a Hibiscus flower and the Bougainvillea is lovely – I do like the orange colour. New Caledonia must be quite tropical then? Your garden looks very lush and rather Cornish!


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