Six on Saturday

It’s the first day of winter…and it is most definitely cooler. Last weekend though was lovely and sunny, as was Wednesday, but as for Tuesday and Thursday…let’s just say there was quite a bit of rain and quite a bit of wind! Today, Saturday, started lovely and sunny, but this afternoon it has turned to heavy rain. I guess we shouldn’t complain, given the season. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, there are buds on our magnolia. I’m so looking forward to seeing those stunning blooms.

Buds of magnolia

The white camellia is now coming into flower. It should be lovely by next week.

The white camellia bush

A lot of things are looking a bit winter sad. I managed to do a bit of tidying up and trimming before the rain, and pick. bit of Italian parsley. One of the mint is still doing fine, but the chocolate mint is looking very tired, and I wonder if I should bring it inside. Not that the indoor basil is particularly bright…

Parsley, mint and a bowl of bulbs

There are several bushes with berries around, such as the one in the featured image above (the bush is just below the house) and on this bush beside the house. They really make it feel like it is late autumn/early winter.

Berry on a bush

Can anyone identify these flowers on this plant? I have had a few suggestions, but thought all you clever gardening folk out there might have the answer. Not sure if you can see them well enough, but the fact they grown these twisted branches might help?

More buds
And drooping white blooms

Finally, luckily I managed to get a lot of trimming and sweeping up done before the rain came. It really feels like winter is on its way.

Rain on the camellia

I won’t be here next Saturday as we are off on holiday for a week to New Caledonia. Can hardly wait.

So that’s it from me. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in warmer and brighter places!

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  1. Your white camelia looks healthier than mine was. All the buds ended up frost damaged. I’ve removed it now. It’s had three years and just isn’t tough enough for northern sea winds. Enjoy your break away.


  2. I think my parsley has had it. I’ve chopped it back in case it helps but I think a new one may be needed. Evergreen leaves and berries are always a welcome sight in winter. Enjoy your holiday.


  3. Nice pictures despite the rain and the first days of winter.
    Enjoy your holidays in New Caledonia. Is this the first time you go there? Another place to go for me … (I’m a bit jealous)


  4. Your mystery plant looks like it will be stunning when it comes into bloom. No leaves, just flowers?

    chocolate mint… now that sounds delicious… but what do you use it for?


      1. They do die back in winter, but usually come back OK. Not sure why mine has rust. I have repotted it into a plastic pot and see how it goes. Won’t be using it in cooking just yet though!


  5. I agree w/Piglet that your mystery flower promises great things in your future. Hopefully we’ll get to see it in bloom. Does your magnolia bloom in winter or are these buds preparing for next year? Enjoy your holiday!


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