This weeks small pleasures #134

It’s Easter Monday, and no doubt many of you out there have eaten a lot of chocolate and perhaps several hard boiled eggs. I didn’t have time to decorate any eggs, but I did cook some and pop some in a little bowl.

Undecorated eggs

Anyway, there were a few small pleasures this week, including a long weekend and time with friends. In these troubled times, I think it is important to think about and enjoy the little things in life that brighten up our days and that help to remind us of the good things that surround us. These can be simple things like bird song in the morning or this trolley of flowers outside Small Acorns.

Flower trolley

There are always small pleasures on the walk to and from work, such as this stunning autumn sky one day last week as seen while walking through Bolton Street Memorial Park.

Morning sky

On Good Friday, we drove up the coast with friends to Paraparaumu. It was a glorious, sunny autumn day, and we even had a picnic on the beach – more of that in Wednesday’s post – but here is a taster.

Good Friday, Paraparaumu

It was a real small pleasure to host Easter Sunday lunch for the same friends who are visiting New Zealand from Scotland and Sweden. We had a table full of food, but I forgot to take pictures. Instead, imagine the scene for yourselves…. Today, Easter Monday, we headed to the cinema to see the Icelandic film ‘Woman at War’, which I highly recommend though am not sure how to describe it – an eco comedy thriller with music? Anyway, do try to catch it.

Finally, here is Charlie, always a small pleasure, even when wanting fed at 5am. The cooler weather has seen him spend a lot more time inside. I can well understand.

Sleeping Prince

Finally…the arts contribute more to the economy than some might think – check out this piece in The Guardian.

And that’s it for this week. What were your small pleasures of the past week?

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. Love the trolley – great use of it! I have a passion for older structures (not just furniture) and trying to find a new way to use them – repurposing is so much fun. Thank you for the great share!


  2. Hooray for this post! I so agree about the need for small pleasures in these troubled times. I felt as though I were enjoying those small pleasures right along with you. What a treat! A great way to start the week.


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