Wednesday words

With only a four day week at work this week, Wednesday becomes the new Thursday. Well, kind of in that tomorrow is the last day in the office before a 4 day weekend. Lovely! It is really beginning to feel like autumn too, with darker and cooler evenings, and the beautiful gingko tree in the Botanic Gardens beginning to turn golden yellow. It is time to prepare wardrobes for the cooler season (how many sweaters have I just washed?) and accept the fact that the heating has to be turned on. The shops, as I keep mentioning, are full of autumnal fruits and vegetables, with all their bright colours and promises of rich, autumnal tastes.

I’m also cooking for myself for the third night in a row, which has meant mushrooms on toast, a millet, roasted carrot and crispy tofu bowl topped with almonds and a tahini and lemon dressing and some green leaves, and the delights of roasted broccoflower.

Tuesday’s bowl

I always take the chance when cooking for myself to try new things (millet, rice pasta) and not eat meat, opting instead for grain or pasta bowls and lots of vegetables. It is how I would choose to eat most of the time to be honest.

Rice pasta, roasted broccolini, crispy tofu, sweetcorn, baby spinach leaves and tomato for colour, sprinkled with nutritional yeast

It has also been a chance to catch up on…well, actually nothing. I haven’t done the ironing, I haven’t tidied up. However, I did go for a reflexology massage (amazing!), curl up on the sofa with a book, drink lots of teas and listen to old radio programmes from the 1960s and 70s over on BBC Sounds (some of these are better than others….!) and enjoy some fruit of the season.

The beauty of a tamarillo

What have you done this week so far?

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