Six on Saturday

Here we are again and time for Six on Saturday. I was travelling this week, and nothing has been done outside yet again. We also have a friend staying, so nothing was done today in terms of tidying up…I know….. Anyway, our weather has been rather mixed to say the least with quite a lot of very heavy rain, clearing to autumn sunshine today. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. 

First up, today’s weather, with a return to autumn sunshine. Here’s one of our ferns again against the bright, blue skies.

Fern in the sun

Second up, those bulbs that are popping up…we will definitely have winter flowers in this bowl!

Thirdly, as I said above, I really need to spend time tidying up the herbs, bringing in the basil and other plants that might need to come in for winter. I just need to find the time.

Rosemary flowers

Next up…I am watching these buds on the camellia. This bush always has stunning flowers, so I am looking forward to them.

Bud watching

One result of the weather has been the flattening of the Japanese anemones, which are now ending for the season. They have been a lovely addition the past few weeks.

End of the Japanese anemones

Finally, we took our visitor for a walk through the Botanic Gardens today, spotting these little cyclamen on the way (as well as the cabbage tree in the featured image above).

In the Botanic Gardens today

So that is me for today – sorry for a brief post again – life is getting in the way of the garden.

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  1. Lovely blue sky photo. My Japanese anemones seem to be putting on a lot growth already this Spring. They do provide a great bit of colour late in the summer and into autumn.


  2. Beautiful post! I especially like the shot with the fern, although I would jump for joy—if my creaky knees would let me—to see cyclamens growing in a garden.


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