Six on Saturday

What a contrast in weather to last weekend! The shorts have been put away and the sweaters are being brought out, there has been some rain* and we are having to admit that autumn really is here. What is more, our clocks go back tonight too. Anyway, things are still growing outside, and I need to start thinking about what herbs should be brought inside for the cooler months. I haven’t found the key to the shed yet – that will be a project for next weekend! Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. 

First up….these bulbs are already poking through….apart from levelling the soil (moved the bowl for the photograph). There are always late winter/very early spring daffodils in one spot in the Botanic Gardens, so maybe I’m going to have some winter flowers as well! Not sure if I should move them somewhere?

Next up, the marigolds have self seeded (and also providing lunch for something). I have gathered some of the rest of the seeds, planted a few in a dull spot, and will plant the rest somewhere and see what happens.

Mini marigolds
Marigold seeds

Meanwhile, in the rest of the garden the Japanese anemones are still in full bloom, still adding some gorgeous colour to the side of the house.

As expected, the lemon balm is still doing well, the basil will need to be brought indoors soon, the mint is sort of doing OK, and I still have plentiful parsley, thyme and sage.


This isn’t in our garden, but this autumn rose can be seen walking up the steps to our house. I had to take a picture and hope you don’t mind me including it this week.

A pink beauty

Finally, the guy who comes to do the ‘heavy work’ around the outside of the house, chopped down some of the bushes at the far side of the house. This will now give light to a potential flower bed, though the soil is pretty poor so a lot of work would need to be done.

That’s it for this week – looking forward to seeing everyone else’s gardens, especially spring in the northern hemisphere.

*It is now 6:20pm and the rain is pouring down….

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  1. We used to have a lemon balm but had to get rid of it as it was threatening to take over. Pity as I love the scent of the leaves. Maybe we should get one for a pot as it might keep it in check. Love the rose.


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