The autumn months

I don’t know if I am correct here, but it seems to be that at this transition time between summer and autumn I always get sick. Whether there are more bugs flying around at this time of year or what I don’t know, but I have doctor enforced stay at home time for the next couple of days.

So…it is time to read, eat seasonal fruit, and drink lots of teas and tisanes such as the gorgeous Turkish Apple fruit tea from t leaf T which you can see below.

Tea, books and rest

I had intended to keep today’s post about autumnal eating, about the joys of eating butternut squash soup, adding fresh sweetcorn to salads, making pasta sauces with aubergine and tomatoes, adding this season’s limes to a gin and tonic, and tasting the first feijoas of the season. These fruits and vegetables are just the thing for cooler days and putting my immune system together again.

Last week I had a herb cupboard clear out…oh my! The worst thing I found was a tin of curry powder which expired in 2014. So I made a list and started restocking with some paprika – both sweet and smoked – cinnamon, cardamom and ground cumin. When I was in Commonsense Organics I also picked up some ajvar, which I haven’t had for ages, and love alongside feta or with crusty bread. If you haven’t tried it, it is a spicy paste made from capsicum (I was pleased this one came from Macedonia where the best ajvar I ever tasted came from). I also found these instant vegetable soups which are useful to have in my desk at work, and a jar of almond butter with cinnamon from local manufacturer Esthers. Also in my weekly basket was the usual bag of pasta and some halloumi to make mushroom halloumi burgers.

Some of my basket

So for the next couple of days, I’ll be reading, planning which chutney to make with feijoas as they become more plentiful, trying my other autumnal tea, a green tea with feijoa. Hopefully the enforced rest will not only cure me, but give me some autumn inspiration.

Autumnal fruits…and projects

What is inspiring you this season?

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. What a cornucopia of local food you have. As someone who lives “north of north,” I am envious. Also, fun to read about you heading into fall when we are—supposedly—heading into spring. However,it is snowing as I write this. No spring for us yet.


  2. I think there is something about autumn produce that gladdens the heart somehow. Even though days are cooler and shorter, it is a time for soups and warming desserts. I look forward to seeing spring in your neck of the woods.


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