Six on Saturday

It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Wellington. The skies are blue, the cicadas are singing and it really doesn’t feel like autumn. The seedlings in the propagator/trough are waving their little green leaves and I’ve just gathered some chicken thyme and chives to add to our dinner. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens. 

So first up, the weather, which as you can see, is still (mostly) lovely. I’m back to watering in the evenings.

Autumn skies

I picked up some more Jet Fire miniature daffodils after several of you told me to get some more. I also got some muscari bulbs (a favourite) and some anemones for a bright splash of colour. Now I need to plant them!

More bulbs

Three nasturtiums have popped up in different places, where I least expected to find them. I’ll repot them rather than leaving them where they are, and look forward to seeing some more flowers.

A nasturtium popping up

To my pots of herbs, and the sage plant which had been looking sad for a while is now doing well, the lemon balm is flourishing, and I am keeping my eyes on the basil which may have to come inside in the next few weeks.


The Japanese anemones are still blooming, filling spaces in the garden with their lovely pale pink flowers.

Still flowering – the Japanese anemones

And now a question…what is the plant below? No-one can agree/decide. Anyone of you knowledgeable folk out there know? We have a whole lot of them outside one of our downstairs windows. The tallest one must be about 1.5m high and gets what looks like a type of berry in the winter.

What is it?

So that is all from me this Saturday. Hope you have all had a lovely week and look forward to seeing your gardening stories.

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  1. Unknown plant looks like mahonia. Does it have yellow flowers in Winter? Lots of #mahonialove on Twitter. Nice mix of bulbs. I’ve just planted Japanese Anemone root cuttings. I hope they take off. If not I’ll end up buying a more established plant.


      1. No worries. I’ve been considering adding one to my garden but not sure it’ll tolerate the sea breeze. The ones in my neighbourhood are mixed between looking spectacular and utterly miserable.


  2. Agree with others it definitely looks like a Mahonia to me. So lovely to see your garden in late summer/ early autumn – gives us something to look forward to, while hopefully seeing our spring bulbs come up is the same for you.


  3. I see you already have the answer to your mystery plant. Mahonias can have the most spectacular leaf colour in autumn too, with reds and yellows. Yours does look quite a large one! Plus the flowers are scented. Jetfire has been popular with the SoSers this year, I may have to buy some for myself in the autumn.


    1. Yes they do turn red and yellow. There is quite a large clump of them beside the house. Must remember to smell the flowers! Planted some of the bulbs yesterday – looking forward to seeing them pop up.

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