Six on Saturday

I’m typing this while being deafened by cicadas, and looking out on a rather cloudy day. It has been another sunny week, though we did get little splashes of rain yesterday morning and this morning too. This weekend’s task is mostly tidying up outside. Thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up, some seeds arrived: little gem lettuce, organic rocket and radish and chioggia beetroot (I’m not a fan of beetroot, but have been told to try these and I have never seen them on sale) for when we get soil for the ‘trough’ and some chilli for indoor growing.

Seeds – love the signed notes that always come with Kings Seeds parcels

Another agapanthus has invaded our space – just visible below. You can also see the state of the ground and plants in this spot (and why I need to tidy things up a bit).

In the middle….a spot of blue

With the sunny weather, I have been out watering every evening, so my watering can has proved yet again to be my pots best friend.

My plants’ best friend

Next up, I found half a packet left of the ‘night and day’ nasturtiums that came to nothing, so I put a few in this tray, and a few in another pot, and will see what happens.

Let’s see what happens

Round the back of the house, which also needs a good tidy up, I spotted the distinctive orange yellow berries on one of the kawakawa bushes. These are found on female trees in the summer, and have a distinctive shape and colour.

Finally, cyclamen. First up my indoor one, which I cut back around Christmas time, and which is growing lots of leaves but no longer flowering. Any ideas? I did read that they need a rest, so it could be that that is what my plant is doing, sleeping through the summer.

Flowerless cyclamen

The other cyclamen are I saw in the Botanic Gardens, cyclamen hederifolium. Such a lovely splash of colour near to the duck pond.

Ivy leaf cyclamen

So that is all for me for this week. Not much, but I really look forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to. The ivy in the featured image, trailing around a fern, is also at the back of the house.

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  1. I have a suspicion your Cyclamen hederifolium picture has been photo-bombed by autumn crocus but hey, they’re all lovely and if I wasn’t so rude I wouldn’t have mentioned it. The indoor cyclamen needs a dry dormant period for summer with very sparing watering and then start watering normally again when it begins to make new growth in autumn.


  2. It would be hard to misplace the watering can! It’s a great colour! Much better than my dark green one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The last photo is autumn crocus not cyclamen, but you probably have been told that already! Always a lovely sight to see in autumn. Your garden is looking very lush.


  4. I would have said the same about the crocuses, and I see a few people have already done so. Good luck with the nasturtiums. I planted seeds back in Spring and not one of them survived which I was amazed about because I thought they were very easy plants to grow. Probably our weather was too hot.


    1. The crocus and cyclamen were all together in the same area…I didn’t pay attention closely enough. Anyway, I agree I thought nasturtiums were very easy to grow to. Maybe we were just unlucky!


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