Thoughts on Thursday

We are still on holiday, taking extra days to enjoy the summer. Many people went back to work today, some will return on Monday, and then there are people like us who are taking an extra week. Wellington in January is like Paris in August.

These past days have been filled with reading (the brilliant The Ice Shelf by Anne Kennedy), cooking (I made a Swedish curd cake – for a later post), taking afternoon naps, listening to endless podcasts and going for walks around the Botanic Gardens, taking different routes each time.

Hydrangeas in the gardens

Calendars are being planned for next year (am going to try to do Xtend Barre again every Monday…now I have said it in public I have to do it…), some clearing out has been started, but decisions are still to be made about holidays in 2019. Skype calls have been made, emails and messages sent.

Yellow roses
Yellow roses in the Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Charlie had been his usual summer self, sleeping all day and going off to party during the night, coming home demanding a big breakfast.

Charlie the cat
Too warm for a black fur coat

The days are long and lazy…there has been time to appreciate the world around us, even spotting a blackbird’s nest in the trees behind the house. Let’s try to keep this up for 2019.

A red rose called, appropriately, Warrior

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hydrangea with such depth of colour…absolutely stunning!


  2. yes it certainly has been very hot up north here too, most days we have the air conditioning on just to get some sort of breeze.


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