Six on Saturday

Hello from a lovely, warm, sunny Summer Wellington.  It is time for Six on Saturday, with thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

First up…as predicted, the neighbourhood cats demolished the catnip.  Actually, I think it was one cat in particular, who lives next door.  We saw him eating it and rubbing himself all over, and as a result, the plant is no more.

Goodbye catnip
Bodie attacks the catnip

Meanwhile in the rest of the herb garden, I have just moved the Red Freddy basil outside and repotted it.  Keeping it indoors when the weather was cooler seems to have been just the right thing. The rather sad bay tree (that needs moving..but the pot is so heavy) is at least sprouting leaves.  The sage plant is flowering, and something is enjoying eating the leaves.  I may move it and see if that helps (like I did with the tarragon which has recovered a bit after swapping it to another place).

Red basil
Flowers on the sage plant

Third up, one of the pots of nasturtiums.  I know lots of people don’t like them, and they can be an invasive pest where we live, but I do like them…and you can eat the flowers.


Fourthly, the marigolds are coming along, and have now been repotted.  Another simple flower I love, and one that can grow in pots.


If you remember last week’s post, you may remember the Peruvian Lillies.  Here they are this week…note the massive spurt of growth!

Saturday afternoon, 15 December

And finally at number six, picked up New Zealand Gardener’s Garden Diary 2019.  Something to read while sitting in the sun!

New Zealand Gardener Garden Diary.
Reading matter

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  1. You don’t think the catnip will recover then. I spread a small packet of nasturtiums this year. They grew all over and I have a suspicion I will now have self seeded everywhere forever. They were quite nice flowers though and flowered over a long period.


  2. The catnip may well recover…but will have to hide it! Yes nasturtiums can spread….there is a whole bank of them over the road that spread over the pavement and that had to be cleared.


  3. I love nasturtiums. I love the boldness of colour and the flavour in food and just think how harmonious they’ll look with the Peruvian lilies. I also love the almost tropical feel to your garden. It reminds me of Sydney…


  4. I’ve planted nasturtiums also, and am waiting for them to appear. I’ve been spectacularly unsuccessful with my seed planting this year! Your Peruvian lilies look stunning.


  5. I don’t think our sage has ever flowered. It has a lovely flower. The plants next to the steps have really grown a lot. Seeing your marigolds has reminded me that I put some slightly damp seeds from ours in the bottom of the airing cupboard weeks ago to dry them a bit. I’d completely forgotten about them.


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