That was the week…that was…

So it is Friday evening here, a week with heavy rain and sunshine (and in the same day), a week that was busy at work, a week in which Karl ate a halloumi and mushroom burger (and good it was too) and a week in which I binged listened to Australian true crime podcast Teacher’s Pet.

It was also a week that saw the Mary Potter Hospice Strawberry Festival in Midland Park, a fund raising event for the hospice with volunteers dishing out ice-cream and strawberries.  Some of my colleagues volunteered to man the stalls this year, and I also noted that some members of the Royal New Zealand Ballet also volunteered.  The strawberries and ice-cream are donated by a local supermarket, so money made goes to the hospice.

Strawberries and ice-cream in the park

Midland Park

Mary Potter Hospice
Fund raising in Wellington sunshine

It was also a week that saw some glorious sunshine on Tuesday afternoon, after a morning with heavy rain.  I took the opportunity to walk home, enjoying the blue skies.  Below is The Beehive (New Zealand Parliament building), and the featured image at the top of the post is the parliamentary library.

The Beehive Wellington New Zealand
The Beehive

It was also a week when we began to see how the 150th floral birthday cakes are beginning to take shape in the Botanic Gardens.

150 years…and a floral cake

And it was also the week when I got my first bag of cherries of the season.


And that was the week that was…a belated happy Thanksgiving to any American readers…and let’s enjoy the weekend ahead!

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