This week’s small pleasures #112

And so here we are again with a round up of the small things that brought pleasure, joy and smiles this week.  The featured image at the top is some wisteria seen on the way to work, which I just love and which brings a little bit of joy each morning at the moment.

1 An excellent quiche

It has been a while since I made a quiche, the last one being a bit of a disaster with the liquid leaking out of the tin and pastry.  I have since bought two new tins, and so on Monday I made this rather splendid quiche, using Rachel Khoo’s Quiche Lorraine’s recipe from her book Little Paris Kitchen, with the addition of a few mushrooms that needed to be used up.  Now, I have always baked the pastry blind first, but this time I followed her instructions and brushed the base with egg white before pouring the filling in.  Not only is this much easier, it saves you ending up with a shrunken case that leaks liquid.  The result was a perfect quiche.

The finished product

2 A broccoflower

Our neighbour popped around with this splendid broccoflower.  So delicious, topped with a little cheese.

Fresh from the neighbour’s garden
Karl and broccoflower

3 Swedish treats

As usual, I popped into Ekor Bookshop and Cafe on Saturday before my Pilates class, and lo and behold, they had in a stock of Swedish goodies like the best crisps ever, Kalles Kaviar and Daim as well as other things.  So hard to resist!  We had some of the crisps with our Saturday gin and tonic, a couple of Daim with after dinner coffee and I had the Kalles at breakfast.

Swedish treats – well, for us at least.
Egg and Kalles – the classic combination (and an almost smiley face!)

4 Ducks

These ducks were just sitting there as I walked past the other day.  No words really necessary!

Two plus one
All lined up

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. I love quiche, that’s a great tip to avoid the step of baking it blind! Could you taste the extra egg at all?


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