This week’s small pleasures #111

So here we are again, with a few of this week’s small pleasures.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this weekend in New Zealand is the Labour Day holiday.  I took Friday off work as well, and so had an extra long weekend.  Now, that was a small pleasure in itself.


I walked to town (there was a bus strike), and wandered about, up Cuba Street, along Eva Street, down Egmont Street, across to College Street, finishing up picking up something for dinner that evening.

The new rainbow crossing, Cuba Street
Love the lettering and colours
Graffiti, Eva Street
Egmont Street

I had a lovely lunch at Egmont Street Eatery, picked up some candles for Advent in the candle shop and generally had a good wander about.

I also bought this plate from Orient on College Street. I love looking in the window on Saturday mornings before Pilates, and had the chance to go in on Friday, and pick up this subtle green and blue plate.

Turnips on a plate

2 Saturday

Our usual Saturday routine applied…as well as as stop at the garden centre for some more herbs as I wrote about in my last post.   It was so nice to spend some time outside with the plants.

Lemon balm in a pot

3 Sunday

Sunday turned out to be a lovely sunny day as well, so we drove over to Martinborough for lunch (the smoked salmon sandwich with the best bread and butter pickle at The Village Cafe), and came home to enjoy being outside for a while.

4 Monday

We abandoned all plans, and instead had a lovely lazy day, reading and pottering about the house doing very little.  Quite ideal in many ways.

Embrace the fact it is a holiday

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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