May Favourites

It’s been a while since I have done a round up of favourite bits of media, what with one thing and another, but here are some of the things that have engaged my eyes and ears this month.  And why is Charlie featured at the top of the post?  Because he is such a perfect little ball of fluff, and a clear favourite, whatever the month.


It was a good month for reading from a very silly detective novel (can you believe it was called Murder at the PTA Luncheon? No I can’t either…), to finishing the excellent book of short stories by Tom Hanks, Uncommon Type.  I also re-read No Fond Return of Love by the glorious Barbara Pym, one of my all time favourite authors, and picked up David Mitchell’s Black Swan Grace which I also enjoyed. Finally, I read Ruby Tandoh’s book Eat Up!, an ode to proper eating. It is a real antidote to ‘clean eating’ and fad diets, and states  that ‘there is no such thing as a single right way to eat’.  It is really worth picking up to counteract seeing too many smoothie bowls on Instagram (why do they even exist?).

Eat Up!


It was also a good month for watching.  Over on BBC, we are enjoying A Very English Scandal, about Jeremy Thorpe, former leader of the Liberal party, who was involved in a scandal revolving around the conspiracy to murder his former gay lover.  Hugh Grant is so good as Jeremy Thorpe and nice to see him break away from romantic comedy and show he really can act.  It is a great drama, even if you are unaware of the actual incident.

Over to Netflix, and I can recommend Safe, a drama series to binge watch, about a man whose daughter goes missing and what he does to find her.  The only slightly odd thing about it is that Michael C Hall, best known as Dexter, puts on a false English accent to play the lead role of the father.  Clearly chosen to attract an American audience?  Anyway, worth watching and bet you can’t guess the ending.

Still on Netflix, we re-watched that great comedy series Gavin and Stacey.  There were whole chunks we had forgotten, which was fun.  It is a well written and produced series, written and starring James Cordon and Ruth Jones.

Finally, we have come late to the British series Unforgotten, shown here in New Zealand on Lightbox.  It’s a cold case drama, with sympathetic police officers and interesting interplay with characters.  Also worth catching if you can.


Pfff…..very difficult to say!  I enjoyed the food at 1154 Pastaria a couple of weeks back, and love the fact that oranges are filling up the shelves, alongside other late autumn produce.  I really need to note down for next month any particular highlights.

Tamarillos…a taste of autumn

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