Some of the finest fruit

One of the joys of being home, is being back in the kitchen, even if it is just making poached eggs on toast for breakfast.  It is also a joy to go shopping and see the fruits of autumn – the apples, the feijoas and best of all, pears.  Like the cook and food writer Nigel Slater, I love pears.  But they are fickle fruits, and may only be at their “point of perfection for a day or two, the slide into over-ripeness can be sudden” (Nigel Slater).

Being away has meant that I haven’t baked for a while, but I had spotted a recipe for a pear, rye and cardamom cake few weeks ago that I really wanted to make.  I had even popped into Commonsense Organics to purchase the necessary rye flour (so nice to scoop it into a brown paper bag too).  There was no getting away from it, I had to bake Ruby Tandoh’s pear, rye and cardamom cake.

Ingredients – rye flour and pear

The recipe called for dark rye flour, which I couldn’t find, so I used a light rye flour.  In retrospect, I made a mistake using cardamom powder because I had some in the store cupboard.  She suggests cardamom pods, which of course would have given a much richer, more spicy flavour.  Ah time.

The recipe (follow the link above) is really easy, the result a soft and fluffy loaf cake, which goes so well with the suggested butter, with a dollop of thick, Greek yoghurt or just plain on its own. This cake went so well with my weekly cup of coffee, and the next day, with a cup of tea.  In fact, an all round good cake.

Pear and cardamom loaf (why did my pear slices slip?)

Verdict: 8/10 for ease of recipe and taste.  Cardamom and pears – what a combination.

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