This week’s small pleasures #73

So here we are again with a round up of the simple things that brought pleasure this week, which began with a beautiful drive from Napier to Gisborne on Monday.  The sun was shining, and everything looked bright and verdant.

Flying home from Gisborne


While everybody in the northern hemisphere is publishing pictures of autumn leaves, down here it is all about the spring flowers.  We have several giant foxgloves by the house, which seem to grow centimetres overnight!

There are so many beautiful flowers around right now that I have to resist walking through the Botanic Gardens at times.


Random food shopping

A new French food shop has opened on Blair Street, La Petite France, so I had to pop in on the way to Thursday’s Pilates class.  I picked up some olives, Herbes de Provence and this tarragon mustard.

Imagine this mixed through a potato salad…

It is no secret that I like tomatoes.  They come in all sorts of colours, sizes and shapes and I think I love them all.

Red tomatoes
Yellow tomatoes


On Saturday evening, we went with friends to see the firework display down at the waterfront.  Yes it does happen on Guy Fawkes night, but isn’t called that, but Sky Show, and the council has decided that this was going to be the last one, the event being moved to the winter. Anyway, it was a fine but windy evening, and we had a good spot down by the water (though I was behind the mast of a boat…).

Waiting for the fireworks
There was a full moon too

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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