This week’s small pleasures #68

Since I was on holiday in Canberra and Melbourne last week, I have a lot of small pleasures to share, some of which I have already blogged about such as Floriade and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve in Canberra and the Dior exhibition and botanic gardens in Melbourne.  Here are some other things that made it such a good week.

Pre-dinner drinks at a roof top bar

The weather was good enough to try out one of the many roof top bars in the city one evening.  Quite lovely.

Melbourne evening, view from a roof top bar

Lots of Italian food!

Sitting eating lunch and dinner outside, enjoying the people passing by is such a small pleasure.  We did eat Greek food one night – some wonderful grilled calamari for me and moussaka for Karl.

A pasta lunch with a glass of wine
Mushroom risotto

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

I love markets, I love food shopping.  Not that I could do any of the latter, but it was fantastic to browse.  Full post on that coming up.

Games and pizza

On the final night of the holiday back in Canberra, we had dinner at Guild, a bar/pizza place with a massive selection of board games to play while you dine. We got a wee children’s game to try for free.  It was a pattern/colour matching game, and actually quite fun (I won…).

A ghost game
The pieces and the cards

Home again

The sun came out on Saturday, and it was almost warm.  The usual routine of Pilates and food shopping took place, and then an afternoon of relaxing. Note the new season asparagus below – another small pleasure.

Carrots, radishes, cucumber, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, broccoli spears and asparagus

Collecting Charlie

We picked up Charlie from the cattery, and he promptly ran off and made a new friend over the road.  He was collected, ate, went out again, and after a night with some of his friends, he returned in the early hours of the morning, demanding food.  Oh Charlie – you will never change!


Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea. Check out Middle Europe too!

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