This week’s small pleasures #61

As I type on this Sunday morning, the rain is pouring down.  It is grey and gloomy, and feels very much like a day for tea, sofa and a good movie.  Well, we are going out to a movie and then dinner later, so let’s hope the rain eases off before then a bit.  Meanwhile, let’s consider this week’s small pleasures, in a week that had its ups and downs.

Cinema and Film Festival

The week started well at least on Monday, when we went to see The Party as I mentioned in a previous post.  I suddenly felt like me again too, going to the cinema after work and making some garlicky pasta on getting home.

Swedish Tastes

I mentioned in my last post that I was fortunate enough to pick up some Swedish foods when I was in Auckland.  Oh how I enjoyed my Kalles Kaviar with my Saturday poached eggs and the dill crisps with our pre dinner drinks!

Not for Instagram, but who cares?
Dill crisps….it’s been a long time

This week’s food shopping

After tea and Pilates, and before a massage, there was time to go food shopping.  This week’s basket included spinach, broccoli, baby kale, mandarins and tangelos, all of which should help fight off winter colds. We also picked up some sausages, Toulouse ones this week, and some tofu, for a non-meat day.  To try this week, we got some Garage Project’s Sauvin Nouveau beer, a pilsner with Sauvignon Blanc juice added during the brewing process (taste tester said ‘it was nice’).  And the second new thing are those little red and yellow things you can see below, namely, earth gems, which we are looking forward to trying later in the week.  I also managed to slip two bars of chocolate into the basket, since I knew there would be no time for baking this weekend (again).  We had a square each of the hazelnut one with our after dinner coffee on Saturday – rich and very good. The rose one looks interesting, so look forward to trying that at a later date.

Keeping winter chills at bay with this week’s food shopping
This week’s treat

The weekend

These days, I really look forward to the weekends, to not being at work, to enjoying life. Saturday was a lovely sunny day, and as I finish typing this up after lunch, the sun is trying to make itself known to us again.

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.  Check out Middle Europe and as well.


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