That was the week #6

Gosh…here we are…Friday already.  I don’t know about you, but 2017 seems to be flying past in record time.  It’s already the middle of July, and for us down here, the middle of winter, with spring days to look forward to ahead.  Anyway, to what happened this week.

1. Weather

From sun to fog (see cover headline photo on the last post) to hailstones to gale force winds and rain, there has been a lot of weather this week!  There’s been snow in the South Island, and snow on higher ground in the North Island.  It has also been bitterly cold, and very much the weather for being cosy indoors.  Charlie has barely left the house, preferring the comfort of the sofa or our bed.

Hailstones on Wednesday

2.  A parade

On Tuesday, the fog rolled back in time for the parade to welcome home Emirates Team New Zealand who recently won the America’s Cup sailing competition.  It was a wonderful victory, and great to see the cup come to New Zealand.

Grabbing a hot chocolate to watch the parade
The cup known as Auld Mug

3.  Pilates and pizza

Even when the weather is bad, one can’t break the Thursday tradition of Pilates and pizza…obviously not at the same time….  Anyway, this week we had pizza delivered from Hell Pizza, a New Zealand institution, started in 1996 in Kelburn, Wellington.  My Purgatory pizza was a feast of onions, garlic, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, spinach and feta.

4.  Friday lunch

A toasted sandwich in The Annexe.  Just the thing.

The Annexe
Ham, cheese and tomato toastie with lemon, ginger and honey to warm me up

5.  Things coming up

Winetopia, Beervana, Wellington on a Plate, new production of Romeo and Juliet by the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the film festival, a weekend in Rotorua……

6.  The weekend!

Wine tasting tomorrow, dinner with friends on Sunday…who cares about the weather?

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