The day we went to a desert island

When you wake up to bright blue skies and the sun blazing above, you know it’s going to be a good day. And so Karl’s birthday dawned…and we headed off on a day trip to Savala Island, courtesy of Oolala Cruises.

A bus picked us up from the hotel and took us down to the marina where we boarded our boat. There were about 30 of us I guess, along with a very jolly crew who welcomed us with song, supplied us with an excellent pineapple and coconut cake for morning tea, gave some history and background about what we could see, and of course sang more songs.

On the boat

The headline picture at the top of this post is what we saw of the island as we approached…a little island with a coral beach surrounded by the clear, blue ocean. We climbed onto a smaller boat to take us to shore, and landed at the island a few moments later. There were various activities on offer from snorkelling (experienced snorklers swam from the boat to shore) to paddle boarding, or you could just do what I did, which was stare at the ocean, or swim, which was what Karl did.

Setting up for the day
Looking out from the island

Before lunch, I took a trip out on a little boat with a glass bottom, and was able to spot a good number of fish, as well as feed them. I thought this was great fun…I know…but these things do bring out one’s inner child.

Looking at fish
Feeding fish

It was then time for lunch, with chicken and sausages cooked on the barbecue, salads, and a massive fruit platter, with ice cold beer, wine and soft drinks on offer.


There was lots of time for further activities/doing nothing before returning to the boat for the journey back…and watch some Kiwi lads jump off the roof of the cabin into the water!

Ice cold wine on the beach
On the beach
Our boat in the distance

On the journey back, we had some really excellent carrot cake for afternoon tea. Wine and beer were also on offer, and the crew got up to sing again, including Happy Birthday, to Karl.  We arrived back, tired and happy after a wonderful day.  And now I can say I have been to a desert island……





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