This week’s shopping basket #1

What was in your shopping basket this week?  Here are six things you would have found in mine.  First of a new occasional series, and would love to see what was in other’s bags too.

Pasta, mandarins, Māori potatoes, yams, steak butter and red chard


Not very interesting in itself, but it is to make the creamy chicken pasta bake from The Forest Cantina’s latest book, Home.

Saturday dinner plans


It’s the season, and they are great to put with my packed lunch as they don’t squash, bruise or make a mess.

Māori potatoes

Blue potatoes

It’s not often that I spot these, very rarely in fact, but saw some today.  These are Waiporoporo Māori potatoes, which have a light purple mottled skin and a smooth creamy flesh.  Look forward to trying them during the week.


Hoorah!  It is yam season!  I love these roasted in good olive oil with a bit of seasoning.

Yam time

Steak butter

Lewis Road Creamery‘s later product is steak butter, their excellent butter mixed with herbs.  We had it last night on our Friday night steak treat.

Red chard

I love mine just lightly sautéed with garlic, with a dash of lemon added at the end.  It also looks so good.

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  1. What á nice shopping basket, I have never tasted yams and I am quite sure that I can’t find them here.
    But I am really curious about the steak butter, that sounds amazing. You need to tell me more.


  2. I hadn’t seen yams like these until I moved to NZ – this is what they are

    The butter was really good. The herb combination was put together by chef Sean Connolly (who has a steak restaurant), and there’s garlic, oregano, parsley, a bit of lemon and other herbs. Guess it was a little like a Cafe de Paris butter (which you could make yourself of course if so inclined!).


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