Sweden’s National Day

When Karl was in Sweden a few weeks ago, he picked me up a fun wee book on Swedish traditions.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to reference it, so for my first post, I’ve gone for Sweden’s National Day, today, 6th June.

The book

The day itself evolved out of a 19th century celebration created by the creator of the open-air museum, Skansen, in Stockholm.  Known as Swedish Flag Day, it was an event at Skansen with little national popularity.

In 1983, the day was made Sweden’s National Day, but it was not a public holiday.  It wasn’t until 2005 that the day became a public holiday.  The real ‘national day’ is of course Midsummer, when the festivities really take place.

Svenska Flaggans Dag


It isn’t long until Midsummer in fact, and we will be far away from Sweden.  The days are long there, and perfect for celebrating summer.  Meanwhile, it is still cold and wet here….ah well…

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