This week’s small pleasures #52

This was the week that saw the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, another incident in London the extent of which is not clear as I type, and more bombs in Kabul. It is even more necessary in these times to consider the small pleasures of life, so as I sit here staring out at the rain this Sunday, with a cup of tea by my side, I’m switching off the news and concentrating on the little things that bring joy to our lives.

Making the most of things

I was up in Auckland last week, the sun was shining (see my last post), and I was able to have a long bath with a magazine and watch lots of stuff on YouTube.  It was a work trip, but you have to find little things to bring pleasure all the same.  Returning on a Koru hour flight, I enjoyed a glass of wine and cheese and biscuits that feature on these evening flights.  I went shopping on Wednesday, went to Pilates and for fish and chips on Thursday, and Friday…well, it was Friday!  Tomorrow, Monday, is the Queen’s Birthday holiday, and a long weekend is always something to enjoy.

Waiting for fish and chips

Saturday morning

I managed to get to Ekor Bookshop this Saturday for my pre Pilates cup of tea.  This was followed by our usual round of grocery shopping, which as regular readers know, is something I enjoy.  I couldn’t resist the bag of small red and white potatoes, new season parsnips and a tray of different mushrooms.

Some items from my shopping basket

Book launch

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the book launch of Home by Anna Burch of The Forest Cantina that I mentioned last week.  We sipped on wines from Huia Vineyards in Marlborough and nibbled bite sized portions of some of the recipes from the book.  Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Sunday breakfast

Beer and barley sour dough bread, tea, an orange (and creamy goat cheese for the bread)

Winter flowers

While this is actually a flower on our neighbours’ bush, our tree is also flowering, but the rain is stopping me from going out and taking a picture.

Winter flower


Charlie has just come in from the rain, and will no doubt soon be demanding some lunch before curling up in his nest again.

The cat who has stolen our hearts

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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