Six things on a Friday

Phew!  The end of the week, a week that saw me in Hamilton again, be busy at work, catch up on Designated Survivor and the preliminary heats of the Eurovision Song Contest (more on that in a later post).  As autumn brings us rain, darker mornings and abundant harvests of good things, here’s six things to think about this Friday.

1 Eurovision Song Contest

Are you excited?  No?  Are you interested? No? How many times have I said I am never watching it again? Many.  Still, we will be up early Sunday morning, New Zealand time, to watch.

2  Pasta, lemon, tomato, chorizo, garlic infused olive oil

5 things to make a meal, add a salad.

All you need

3 The prospect of the weekend – and time for tea in a favourite cafe

Tea time

4 Time for blankets and sofa

Someone has the right idea

5 Time for baking at the weekend

These biscuits from tassybakes look so good and just the thing for an autumn afternoon with the mix of orange and cardamom.

6 Counting the days to our holiday

Not long to go!

Wishing all of you out there in the blogosphere a very pleasant weekend.






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