That unmistakable scent and flavour

Autumn in New Zealand means feijoas.  While this fruit originated in South America, it has become such an iconic part of the New Zealand food landscape, that it is hard to believe this season without these fragrant fruits.  They are also one of those love them or loathe them foods, with people divided into two camps, the lovers and the haters.

Lots of feijoada (and persimmons)

I have to admit that the first time I tasted one, I was really unsure, but now I love them and look forward to the season.  Each year since I have been here, I have made a feijoa based chutney that keeps me in feijoas  until the following autumn. This year I used this recipe, and added in a Granny Smith apple and used raisins rather than sultanas because that is what I had in the larder.

Feijoa hulks

I haven’t yet tasted it of course, as it needs to sit for a bit, but here’s hoping this year’s batch is a good one.

Feijoa, apple and raisins all combined in a wonderfully fragrant chutney

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  1. I’d never heard of this fruit before reading this, but it sounds good! How does it taste? Your chutney looks great.


  2. It’s quite a distinctive taste – sort of scented, almost floral. I’m not sure what guava tastes like, but someone said it is like that a little bit mixed with apple. Gosh it is hard to describe tastes in words! Hope the chutney works out this year – thanks for your comment!


  3. I am a NZer living in America and I MISS feijoas so much – feijoa ice cream is the absolute best – this chutney sounds like a lovely way to preserve them – my mother used to bottle them. Now my mouth is watering ! – I miss them so.. c


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