The one where Charlie the Cat got sick

Regular readers of this blog will have met Charlie, our wee black cat who adopted us a while back (you can read more about our feline friends here – apologies for the formatting – it was the old design). He is such a sweet ball of fluff, loved by all who meet him.

Over the weekend, he seemed listless and sleepy, and his eye was watering a little.  On Monday, I came home from work at lunch time to check on him, and found him in a deep sleep.  By Tuesday, Charlie was really sick, and wasn’t eating.  We hadn’t seen him for about 18 hours, but thanks to our lovely neighbours, who Charlie is very fond of and often visits, he was safe and warm.  I made an appointment with the vet and collected him from his friends, where he was hiding under the bed feeling sorry for himself. To cut a long story short, the vet found an abscess behind his eye, which was drained.  He spent one night in the surgery, and then returned home on Wednesday night (when I was in Hamilton), complete with antibiotics, pain killers and a special pain relief bandage on his tail.  He seemed to think the antibiotic pills were a form of treat….or at least, I have never known a cat swallow down a pill with such gusto and no fuss.

Charlie, eating, with the pain killer bandage on his tail

By Thursday, he was continuing to make improvements, and by today, Friday, he was back to his old self, and eager to get out and play.  We returned to the vet, who was absolutely delighted with him, and gave him licence to run out and play again.  After eating, that was exactly what he did.

Charlie, sleeping, but peeping to see who is taking his photograph


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