This week’s small pleasures #43

So here we are on Monday again with a round up of this week’s small pleasures.  Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original concept.

Tea (again)

I splurged out on this absolutely delightful tea from Storm and India.  It’s got ginger, it’s got coconut, it’s got cinnamon, all making for a spicy and warming drink.  The tin is beautiful too.

Coconut Chai tin
What the tea looks like – note the coconut!

Autumn produce

Yes it is autumn already down here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Cyclone Debbie has devastated parts of New South Wales and is heading over the Tasman to New Zealand, which will mean lots of rain in the coming days.  So it is time to think about the delights of the autumn harvest, and keep warm and dry.  The first feijoas are around, lots of leafy greens, and I loved the piles of capsicum (peppers) in the supermarket (see featured image at the top of the post).

Pears, plums, feijoada and cavolo nero

Supplies from the Swedish shop

Easter is coming, so time to order in some products from the Swedish shop: Kalles Kaviar, that cheese spread in a tube, herrings and Kexchoklad.

Breakfast has just been improved!
4 types of herring, 3 Swedish and 1 Danish

This week’s flowers – freesias

Softly fragrant freesias

Beautiful skies

There was a stunning sunset on Saturday evening, which I managed to capture a bit of with my iPhone.

Saturday sunset, Wellington


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