Vancouver vacation

Thistles and Kiwis is in Vancouver! Yes, here we are on a short trip to the other side of the Pacific and to the northern hemisphere.  We left a wet New Zealand and arrived in a wet Canada, but who cares? We are on vacation and visiting family.

Getting here was easy, at least for getting places from New Zealand. We flew air New Zealand to Auckland and caught the connecting flight to Vancouver. That direct flight was 12.5 hours, and the time passed by with half a movie, chatting to the woman next to me and sleeping through an audio book.

Unfortunately, it looks as if it is going to rain all week, but I’m sure it won’t dampen our spirits (sorry…!!). Today we had a leisurely brunch before a drive round the city to get our bearings. It really is in a stunning location, and one can quite easily manage it on a sunny day.

Our first evening in Vancouver



It’s been lovely to catch up with family, and we have quite a list of things to do in the days to come. In the meantime, here is me by an art work that is designed to bring laughter, joy and playfulness to all who see it.

Laughing and singing in the rain

PS writing this on my iPad so apologies for some of the formatting!


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